This site-specific installation was constructed as my thesis project at Chelsea College of Arts in London in 2014. The work included drawing, painting, sculpture, video and performance.  There were various objects placed throughout: a typewriter where messages were composed and accumulated over the course of a week, a stereoscope loaded with slides from Disney’s Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, plaster and wax casts of the human brain, a short film played on loop, and black and white photographs of galaxies projected onto one wall.

“The work is very complete and clear about what it’s trying to do. It’s very sophisticated and rich. He’s dealing with identity politics, but I feel it is inclusive and very open. There are all these little areas of scientific investigation, literature, learning and then the fairy tale of romance and love. He has given the viewer aesthetic and intellectual pleasure and has intrigued them enough so that they want to take their own journey after experiencing the work. Here is someone who can really do something interesting with the erotic. But that isn’t enough; he’s given you a context to explore, where often gay bodies are reduced to the cock and what it does.”

-poet and writer Cherry Smyth

featured image: Entangled Particles, 2014, marker on plaster
Video and images: Welcome Dear Stranger exhibit, London, 2014, various views of installation